Nicholas Kristof Raises $2.5M Two Months After Announcing His Candidacy

(Portland, Ore.)  In the two months since Nick Kristof announced his candidacy for governor of Oregon, the Democratic candidate has raised more than $2.5 million, highlighted by an outpouring of support from Oregonians in all corners of the state.

“My campaign is about making sure we’re not leaving people behind, addressing our climate crisis, and building a fairer economy,” Kristof said. “It’s heartening to have the support of thousands of Oregonians who also believe in an Oregon that works for everyone. After decades of fighting for people government has cast aside, I won’t back down from our state’s toughest challenges or kick them down the road.”

By the numbers:

  • 5,498 Oregon donors
  • 70 percent of donors from Oregon
  • $35.58 average from Oregon small-dollar donors
  • Donors from 35 of 36 Oregon counties
Nicholas Kristof with his wife Nick with his dog

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