Nick Kristof Releases Education Policy Agenda

(Portland, Ore.)  Today Nick Kristof released his education policy to enhance Oregon’s education system by prioritizing robust supports to help students be successful starting in pre-kindergarten, and addressing the state’s grave workforce crisis.

Key in the plan is the gubernatorial candidate’s priority that all children enter kindergarten with the tools they need to learn, grow, and be successful. Kristof will expand high-quality early childhood programs to every Oregon child in his first budget. He would also make funding available for every school district to develop collaborative partnerships with high-quality, licensed Head Start and community-based childcare programs to facilitate pre-K access.

In addition to early education investments, the education plan also calls for:

  • Investing in educators: Address the educator workforce crisis by increasing pay and compensation for educators. The plan would provide more statewide high-quality professional development; a “grow our own” top-quality teaching corps to encourage promising young talent to enter the education field; and solutions to recruit and retain a more racially diverse teacher workforce.
  • Investing in high-quality schools: Encourage and support students to stay in school, with supports and programs, to bolster the number of students earning a high school diploma. Improve literacy rates by supporting teacher training and increasing reading specialists support for students. Provide universally-accessible summer programs to improve student social skills in a safe and supervised environment, and increased funding for after school programming. Reduce class sizes.
  • Connecting school to careers: Advocate for curriculum and funding to make available to all Oregon school students opportunities to be exposed to and gain hands-on experiences with career pathways. Work with schools, employers, and unions to expand apprenticeships.
  • Making higher education affordable for all: Expand resources and access to financial aid programs for students pursuing higher education.

“As the proud product of Oregon public schools, Yamhill Grade School and Yamhill Carlton High School, I want all students to enjoy what I had in my community — quality schools and dedicated educators,” Kristof said. “As governor, I will work to make sure more children achieve their education and career goals. That means investing in our educators, expanding programs to keep students supported and engaged at school, and preparing students for careers by making higher education and job training more accessible. All Oregonians want current and future generations to succeed. By planting those strong seeds now, our children can flourish.”

The education policy is the second plan Kristof has released. Last week, the Yamhill resident released his agenda to address housing and homelessness. Kristof’s policy priorities will also include plans for climate change, a fairer economy, poverty, and healthy people and safe communities.


Nicholas Kristof with his wife Nick with his dog

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