Nick Kristof Unveils Campaign's First Policy Priority On Housing And Homelessness

(Portland, Ore.)  Nick Kristof today published details of key policies in his plan to address Oregon’s housing and homelessness crises, the first in a series of policies in his agenda that will be released over the next two months to ensure Oregonians aren’t left behind.

This first element in the plan marks a key priority, and personal one, for Kristof, who has had friends die while homeless in Oregon’s streets. One friend and former classmate, who was a high school cheerleader and star basketball player, froze to death in McMinnville while living in a tent. Today, thousands of Oregonians face similar dire circumstances in addition to struggling to afford rents that are among the country’s highest.

Kristof’s plan includes:

  • An all-hands-on-deck approach to addressing housing and homelessness, with greater state government alignment and accountability
  • Making housing more immediate, plentiful, affordable, and supportive
  • Making substance abuse treatment available to every Oregonian who needs it
  • Addressing root causes to prevent homelessness

“Housing and homelessness are humanitarian crises that touch every corner of our state,” Kristof said. “These problems are too big for any one city, county, or community to confront alone. As governor, I will tackle this statewide emergency, implementing solutions that swiftly put Oregonians experiencing homelessness on a path to safety, stability, and wellness, and ensure we are creating more escalators to bring opportunity to Oregonians.”

Kristof’s policy priorities will also include plans for education, climate change, a fairer economy, poverty, and healthy people and safe communities.

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Nicholas Kristof with his wife Nick with his dog

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