Reporter, Yamhill Native Nicholas Kristof Announces Campaign for Governor

(Portland, Ore.)  Nicholas Kristof today announced his candidacy for Oregon governor in the 2022 Primary Election.

The son of a refugee who came to Oregon in 1952, Kristof attended and graduated from Yamhill public schools, landing his first reporting job as a high school student at the McMinnville News-Register. As a reporter, managing editor and columnist for The New York Times for more than 30 years, his news stories and columns illuminated human rights and global health issues here and abroad. Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn have three grown children and live on the family farm in Yamhill where he grew up.

“I have never run for political office in my life. But I have spent a lifetime shining a light in the darkest corners of the globe,” Kristof said in his announcement video.

“Nothing will change until we stop moving politicians up the career ladder year after year, even though they refuse to step up to the problems Oregon faces,” Kristof said. “It’s time to do something about a system that’s rigged against so many ordinary Oregonians.

“I exist only because Oregon showed compassion for a refugee – my father,” Kristof said. “It’s that Oregon – the one of hope and opportunity, the one that reveals the best in us, even when things are at their worst, that I believe in.

“We seem to be losing some of that now. But I know we can create it together,” Kristof said. “That’s why I’m running for governor.”

View video announcement here.

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Nicholas Kristof with his wife Nick with his dog

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