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As a lifelong Oregonian, I know that there’s so much about Oregon to be proud of, to cherish, and enjoy. But we face very real challenges as well, and this is not the best we can be.

Like many Oregonians, I have lost friends to addiction and despair, I have seen my community devastated when businesses closed, good jobs disappeared, and the government failed its people when they needed it most.

Oregon needs new vision and leadership, and I am running for governor because I want to offer Oregonians a different choice, one that demands accountability and solutions instead of avoiding tough problems and kicking the can down the road year after year, while people continue to suffer.

As we move forward in a world of constant and rapid change, too many of our fellow Oregonians are getting left behind.

About 22,000 school-age Oregon children are homeless. It’s difficult to improve our high school graduation rate, currently ranked third from the bottom nationally, when we have thousands of children without stable housing, when we have twice the average share among states of children in foster care, when we lose as many Oregonians to drugs and alcohol as to COVID-19.

Unemployment benefits and rental assistance, paid family and medical leave – these all help families stay in their homes and make ends meet in hard times. Access to mental health and addiction treatment can also prevent – and help end – homelessness.

But state support isn’t reaching people when they need it most. We cannot talk about housing as a human right when the state government doesn’t even distribute support that families in crisis qualify for and desperately need.

These are hard problems that have haunted us for years. But solutions are not coming. I am not a political insider. I have never run for public office before. I bring instead a lifetime of standing up for people cast aside by their governments and working to help solve problems and make people’s lives better.

I am running for governor because we cannot continue to turn our backs on Oregonians who have been left behind.

I am running for governor because we cannot continue to turn our backs on hardworking Oregonians trying to make ends meet, whose wages don’t keep up with rising costs, who don’t believe they will ever be able to buy a home, who are losing hope that their children will live a better life.

I am running for governor because we cannot continue to turn our backs on climate change while Oregonians face the fallout from wildfires, heat waves, drought, and other climate extremes.

Since launching my campaign, I have traveled the state, talking with Oregonians to better understand their experiences and perspectives, and the challenges they face.

I want to hear from you. So I have set up this link to a survey where you can share your thoughts and ideas, where other Oregonians can hear your voice and your story, and help me gain insights into the needs of our people as I finalize my policy proposals.

In the coming weeks, I will release that agenda, with plans for how we can together build an Oregon that works for everyone.

That’s why I have been listening, and why your voice should be heard as I finalize those. Please join me in this effort, and here’s a quick look at my priorities and how I see them.

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