Tackle Climate Change

One of the paradoxes of climate change is that the poorest people – who contribute the least to climate change – end up being most harmed by it. That’s true globally and it’s also true for Oregon. We must center environmental justice so that communities often left behind don’t bear the brunt of our climate catastrophes.

We also need to get Oregon back on track. Oregon’s reputation as one of the greenest states is reflected in the values of the people, not in the policies of our state. Our new normal includes wildfire seasons, extreme heat and cold, drought, and rising greenhouse gas emissions. We need bold infrastructure solutions that align with climate resilience to protect our people and land from these grave threats, for this generation and future ones.

Oregon has the opportunity to create and support high-quality union jobs while becoming a leader in clean technology innovations such as offshore wind farms and carbon capture technology that reduce carbon, generate renewable energy, and power a zero-emission transportation system.

The push toward renewable energy and quality job creation must go hand-in-hand. Oregon must build more pathways to quality jobs that provide family-sustaining wages, benefits, and equitable advancement opportunities for rural communities, women, and people of color.

Nicholas Kristof with his wife Nick with his dog

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